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SACRED workshops

Workshops for transformation and self-expression.

Margherita is available to lead workshops , create sacred space using the  ritual of  theatre.  She is also working with holistic approach to the art using ancient practices such as Yoga and Ayurveda combined with Neutral Mask.  A therapeutic process to connect with our unknown traumas and ancestors ‘s memories. 

What to expect?

You will be moving your body and expressing emotions through Lucid body process, incorporating elements of Neutral Mask, healing clown, ancestors rituals. Through this dynamic and immersive approach, you’ll learn to tap into deeper levels of creativity and self-expression, all while having fun and building your acting skills. Join us and discover the magic of theater, and how it can help you discover new sides of yourself and your creativity: growth, empowerment, unity.


art & Healing

Theater is a means to approach our fears, to our defeats, to our most hidden memories. The Theater is not only for professionals, it is for acrobats of the heart and for seekers of one’s soul.


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They share their experience

“Lucid Body is really amazing because it gets you very much in touch with yourself. You get to explore yourself. You get to know yourself better. And you get to explore the full range of human emotions which you don’t normally get the chance to in normal life.”
Ana M.
Lucid Body Wordkshop
“Lucid Body is very stimulating. It’s a lot of work. It’s helping me expand myself. It’s helping me grow as an actor. I’m working through every chakra. It’s very intense. It’s extremely gratifying.”
Alexander Ananasso
Lucid Body Workshop
We laughed, cried and excavated our hearts and souls, and explored persona, shadow and layering of character. We played, danced, swam and stretched the tension out of our bodies and minds in this beautiful Sicilian landscape.
Lucid Body Retreat - June 2023

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