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Coaching, Directing, Acting

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Finding Marta

national preview

16th of may 2024, 9pm

with Margherita Peluso

“Finding Marta, a film about Pirandello’s muse”
A movie by Lorenzo Daniele

performing, directing, coaching

Actress & performance artist

Margherita Peluso has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her captivating performances in film, television, and theater in Italy, United States, and Australia.


With a strong background in theater and performance, she has a unique approach to directing and devising that combines physicality, storytelling, and emotional depth through the study of traditions, anthropology research, collectivity, and community.

Lucid Body |
Holistic Coach

Expand your potential. I will help you to tear apart patterns, habits and blocks within the physical and emotional body, for a clear mind and new impulses to be expressed and explored.


Looking for a workshop that can help with both physical and emotional alignment, as well as creative flow. Join our workshops and discover the transformative power of drama


Intercultural Communication between Art and Humanity. Anthropology research and documentary, Theater and Acting. Bridge is the union of the universal traditions and trades.


Libro Il Metodo Lucid Body

The Lucid Body book, now available in Italian

The Italian version of the book ” The Lucid Body” by Fay Simpson is now available in Italian version: “Il Metodo Lucid Body” thanks to the help of Margherita Peluso.

Margherita Peluso

"Through my journey as an actress, I felt the need to explore life and culture, learn from ancient healing secrets such as Yoga and Ayurveda aiming to a healthier way of working, in a higher conscious level, in union and integrity "

Anthropology research also helped her to better understand the human being, and Lucid Body, to better understand her limits. This is how she started to have a clear vison, that led her to directing. 
Margherita Peluso chose to go beyond the traditional acting techniques and studies, to expand her potential and to find the balance from inside out. 
This is what led her to the will of coaching other actors to give them the tools they need and  share all the learnings she found on her journey.


Lucid Body holistic acting coaching: a multi-days personalized program


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