Universal Harmonisation

universal harmonisation | Performance The idea of performing Universal Harmonisation rituals came from the observation of the need to recreate the link between man, and the connection to his soul, to his roots, to the group and more widely to the natural world to which he belongs and from which he has gradually become detached, […]

Madre Terra

Madre Terra

Madre Terra | Performance With this exhibition Margherita Peluso, performance artist who with her journey to rediscover the Great Mother has pushed herself to experiment with her own body that dialogue in sacred or arid places precisely where nature itself has been disfigured, thus becoming a powerful invocation, moments immortalized thanks to the photographs by […]

Human touch

Margherita Peluso performing

Human touch | performance What drives us to create art? Is there a psychological drive at work, an unconscious force? How can the community carry artistic memories to new generations? How can we transport these memories into new imaginative possibilities? What do we remember? Deep in the “personal unconscious” we find repressed memories and conflicts […]

Blackout performance

Blackout Performance

Black out | Performance The cultural exchange between Baccaro Art Gallery and the MM18 Cultural Association , aiming at an innovative path to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the exhibition space, supports the artistic proposal Black out by the duo Max Coppeta and Margherita Peluso. Black out is the second stage of the aesthetic / […]

The invisible cities

Le città invisibili

The invisible cities | Performance The invisible cities by Max Coppeta is an exhibition that moves through abstract stages and imaginary paths, in which the viewer has the only key to understanding the emotions that the works manage to convey. Margherita Peluso , a well-known international actress, took on the role of spirit guide among […]