Madre Terra

Madre Terra | Performance

With this exhibition Margherita Peluso, performance artist who with her journey to rediscover the Great Mother has pushed herself to experiment with her own body that dialogue in sacred or arid places precisely where nature itself has been disfigured, thus becoming a powerful invocation, moments immortalized thanks to the photographs by Andrea Iran and Giuseppe La Rosa on display.

Once upon a time… The Great Mother. Thus begins the story. It is a story that does not take place in a precise place, nor does it concern a single ethnic group, a single people. Cross continents and oceans . I set out on the trail of the Great Mother and contacting her again means rediscovering our identity and becoming aware of the mystery of life that is renewed and regenerated. Because our identity is substantially, profoundly and continuously in search of harmony with Nature.



Date :

16th September to 18th of October 2021

Location :

Prigioni Castelli di Milazzo, Sicily, Italy

Music :

Marta Mattalia