Blackout performance

Black out | Performance

The cultural exchange between Baccaro Art Gallery and the MM18 Cultural Association , aiming at an innovative path to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the exhibition space, supports the artistic proposal Black out by the duo Max Coppeta and Margherita Peluso.

Black out is the second stage of the aesthetic / performative journey entitled The invisible cities by Max Coppeta and Margherita Peluso. The plot of this exhibition is taken from the chapter The thin cities of the book Invisible cities by Italo Calvino.

Blackout indicates an interruption , in this case it is understood as a synonym for a time stop, where man is confronted with the limit of his ability to give explanations to natural, social and individual events that interfere with his very existence.

This dimension of suspension leads us to the knowledge of the human ability to transcend immediate experience (hic et nunc) so as to understand the true self in that instant, losing the reference to memory (past) and expectation (future). Renewal generates a new cosmic order.

Black-out, we can also translate it as “black out”, black is a point of no return, it is a chromatic value beyond which it is impossible to go . Black is the chromatic sum of all colors, it encloses all the possibilities of color, but negates any possible deviation. This is the phase of awareness, and the vision reveals us in the present, the past.


Date :

June 2019

Location :

Baccaro Art Gallery, Avellino, Italy

By :

David Caramagna