Universal Harmonisation

universal harmonisation | Performance

The idea of performing Universal Harmonisation rituals came from the observation of the need to recreate the link between man, and the connection to his soul, to his roots, to the group and more widely to the natural world to which he belongs and from which he has gradually become detached, separated,

Ritual is what, since the dawn of time, brings together and connects the visible and the invisible, maintains harmony between the different kingdoms (mineral, vegetable, animal, spiritual), and re-establishes the balance within these communities that belong to the same and unique living organism: our planet Earth.

Performing Universal Harmonisation Rituals is about giving meaning to the artistic act and its place as an act of healing and connection within the individual and the collective

Each act performed in a particular place, with a particular intention, acting as an acupuncture point, participates in maintaining the balance and harmony of this global and universal being.

Participating in these rituals is accessible to everyone and allows us to reconnect with our own roots, to heal our archaic wounds and to taste the precious feeling of belonging to one and the same source. And finally to do our part for the harmony of the world by simply being ourselves and all together.


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Festival di Archeologia Licodia Eubea, Italy