Human touch

Human touch | performance

What drives us to create art? Is there a psychological drive at work, an unconscious force? How can the community carry artistic memories to new generations? How can we transport these memories into new imaginative possibilities? What do we remember? Deep in the “personal unconscious” we find repressed memories and conflicts that build the “collective unconscious” of mankind . Both as a vehicle for expressing our innermost thoughts and desires and as a means by which we can escape into new dimensions, and as a channel of mediation between the visible and the invisible; art remains ever present in the modern world as a powerful tool of transformation. Throughout history, the colonization and “racialization” of indigenous peoples have erased millions of memories from the collective consciousness. The way of our ancestors has been buried in lost unconsciousness. This is why a journey into the past is born to transport it into the present, we carry memories from one life to another and they are easily removed due to an ever faster, more rational and digital world.


Date :

Aug/Sept 2020


Sicily, Italy