Help us to translate Lucid Body book in Italian

We need your help !

Help us make available the lessons available in Italian and translate the textbook.

Lucid body is a path that brings to a deepest self- knowledge, it’s the promotion of the actor physical and mental wellness. At first, addressed to whom is in the acting field and then extended to whoever wants to organize their body energy. Our association promotes art and culture because believes that are main resources for people wellness and for the whole society. Who come close to theatre for the first time finds out a priceless energy source! Thinking about mental and body wellness our project came to life : Bring Lucid body in Italy with Margherita Peluso acting coach in new York headquarters of Lucid body. It is needed to translate the textbook The Lucid body to start the classes and so making it available to anyone who wants to undertake the holistic path with Margherita. We need your help to achieve the necessary amount of 5000€, a donation that come make come true our project, a word each.

What is Lucid body ?

Lucid Body is a holistic and therapeutic approach to acting. Holistic acting is a way of acting that is a benefit to the mind and body, as opposed to a drain on the physical and mental form. It is based on the idea that self-knowledge is the number one focus to your acting. Lucid Body is a psych-physical process that can offer an actor the building blocks of a new language to further develop a character through diagnosis and full embodiment.