L’Antico Carnevale della Contea di Modica

L'antico carnevale | theater

Garibaldi Theater in Modica.
“The Ancient Carnival of the County of Modica” directed by Margherita Peluso, tract
from the homonymous text by Serafino Amabile Guastella. Produced by the Garibaldi Foundation col Patronage of the Municipality of Modica is a tribute that the actress and director wanted to dedicate to one of more attentive and ingenious scholars and authors of Sicilian popular traditions. 

 Serafino Amabile Guastella, well known ethno-anthropologist born in Chiaramonte Gulfi in 1819 where he then disappeared in 1899. He was one of the most attentive scholars of Sicilian popular traditions. He was born into a family of the provincial aristocracy, in the then District of Modica.

Press Carnevale


Date :

March 2022

Location :

Modica, Sicily, Italy

Direction :

Margherita Peluso

Production :

Garibaldi Foundation

photo credit:

Roberto Greco