Neutral Mask: An initiation to the present moment

Neutral mask: An initiation to the present moment

New York City | October 22nd, 2023 | 11AM - 2PM

Workshop 22nd October 2023

Instructor: Margherita Peluso

Dates: Sunday October 22, 2023
Time: 11-2pm ET
Fee: $95
Location: Lucid Body House 230 Lexington Ave NYC

The neutral mask is a full mask, which represents a human face in a state of calm and silence, devoid of expression.

When it comes to discover what the body can give and express in theatrical scenes, masks are a very useful tool: It allows the actor to feel the state of neutrality that precedes the action: in this state of availability, and receptivity to the space that surrounds him, he can look, feel, touch the elements of life with the freshness of the first time.

The neutral mask lives in the present, has no memory and has no projects, no conflicts: it is pure action, without any intention. In Lucid Body neutral mask can bring more awareness to your physical sensation and emotions, it will allow the energy to flow in the body without having the mind interfering or judgmental thoughts. In Lucid Body neutral mask will reveal the real truth, and the power of the present. Il qui ed ora. Neutral Mask has been created for the first time from the famous Italian Mask Maker Sartori together with Jacoq Lecoq. The initial purpose of the mask was to heal wounded bodies.

Once the actor has felt this neutral state, his body will be available, “like a blank page on which the drama to come can be written”. (Jacques Lecoq)