Finding Marta, un documentario sulla musa di Pirandello

Finding Marta

Finding marta | documentary Lorenzo Daniele has started filming “Finding Marta“, which draws on the close correspondence between the Nobel Prize winner and the actress he fell in love with, played here by Margherita Peluso, a brilliant interpreter of Pirandello’s theater. The film “Finding Marta. A documentary on Pirandello’s Muse”, directed by Lorenzo Daniele and […]

Amore Criminale

Amore criminale

Amore criminale | tv Television, Rai 3 DH Milan, ITALY Criminal Love – “Protagonists” – Episode of 5 December 2016 – The story of “Pierangela” . The first story is that of a man who in the past was very violent with his partner. In the interview he will tell how the love for her […]

Gray’s Disconnect

Gray's Disconnect

Gray’s disconnect | movie “Gray’s Disconnect” is about the reincarnation of tragedy and connection and how they manifest in life. Sometimes there is a disconnect (that you can’t escape) not only with the world and family, but also within yourself. How to reconnect? This film centers on four adoptive brothers who have had a difficult […]

Blood Trust

Blood Trust

movie | Blood Trust Short film, dark comedy Directed by Alberto di Troia VCA Melbourne “Dances with films” L.A. | “NYC Independent Film Festival” | “Melbourne Underground Film Festival” Info Date : 2015 Director Alberto Di Troia & Laura Faulkner Press