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IFFNY 2018The prestigious jury consists of

President of the Jury Jotti Ejlli;

Festival Selector and award-winning director Ibër Deari;

Award-Winning Actress, Director and Writer Margherita Peluso;

Successful Actor and Teacher Kendrick Merdani;

Accomplished Director, Producer, and Writer John Blenn.

Here’s how the winners are chosen….I Vincitori sono…..

Who are the Jury members of the International Filmmaker Festival of New York?

The International Filmmaker Festival of New York made the official announcement today for the jurors who are participating in the 2018 Competition.

The International Filmmaker Festival of New York is a competitive festival with Jury Prizes in feature, short, and documentary  categories. Additionally, awards are given out by the Festival and the Audience.

Who are the Jury members of the International Filmmaker Festival of New York? Here’s how the winners are chosen.


Intervista all’attrice Margherita Peluso

Ciao Margherita! E’ un vero piacere ospitarti sul nostro portale. Iniziamo dalla prima domanda. Un bel tuffo nel passato. I tuoi sogni da bambina?

Sogni ne facevo tanti ma non me li ricordo tutti. Ho solo l’immagine di un omone alto e snello che mi guarda fisso con occhi sbarrati accanto al letto. Mah …mistero!! Desideravo conoscere il mondo. All’elementari scappai da scuola con la mia migliore amica ed una mela acerba nello zaino, poi fortunatamente tornammo indietro prima che chiamassero la polizia. Scrivevo moltissimo e raccontavo barzellette.

Di Vito “Nik H.” Nicoletti Ciao Margherita! … Leggi tutto

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GIOVANI TALENTI – Margherita Peluso: Una stella del teatro da Carugate a New York

Margherita Peluso, affermata attrice carugatese e oggi newyorkese di adozione, è tornata nella sua città di origine, in occasione della Notte Bianca di sabato 2 luglio (ne avevamo parlato qui), con lo spettacolo di varietà ‘Margherita ha degli amici…’ al fianco del comico Enrico Beruschi. “Lo spettacolo è andato molto bene – ci ha raccontato Margherita – Enrico ed io abbiamo già fatto altri sketch insieme e siamo un’accoppiata che funziona, anche se cerchiamo di perfezionarci continuamente”.

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Generous and great Teacher Larry Moss

What an inspiring, generous and great Teacher Larry Moss. Few “pearls” from today during the class at the Physic Theater in NYC . ” It’s not about you , it’s about telling a story” … ” One thing you have, that no one has, it is YOU” … ” Your talent is your choice ” ” Only actors are general, life never is” … ” Writers talks about things we don’t talk about”. Thanks Vincent Musso for introduce me personally to this great Mentor. #circumstances #choices #passion #craftart #voicework #beinthemoment

City World Radio NYC

City World Radio NYC to talk about Pirandello’s Love Letters to Marta Abba. We are celebrating Pirandello 150 Anniversary.

Gray’s Disconnect

“Gray’s Disconnect” is about reincarnation of tragedy and connection and how it manifests throughout our lives. Sometimes there is a disconnect (that can’t be escaped) not only with the world and your family but also within yourself. How do you reconnect? This film centers around four foster siblings who have had difficult pasts as they meet face to face on the anniversary of their foster mother’s death.

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La Mama – Annual General Report 2014

La Mama is nationally and internationally acknowledged as a crucible for cutting edge, contemporary theatre in Australia. Valued by artists and audiences alike, La Mama is treasured for its continued advocacy for those seeking to explore beyond mainstream theatre; producing work by theatre makers of all backgrounds and encouraging works that explore, deconstruct and critique form, content and social issues.

An Interview with Margherita Peluso

Margherita Peluso is an Italian-born actor and translator who has been working in the Melbourne theatre scene since 2012. In collaboration with director Laurence Strangio, Peluso has recently turned her attention to producing uniquely bi-lingual translations of monologues by well-known Italian dramatists for the Anglophone stage. Through these pieces, Peluso is able to articulate aspects of female experience through politically-charged performances of virtuosic intensity.

By Christian Griffiths

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Translation and Intercultural Studies

Seminar Series – Laurence Strangio & Margherita Peluso

Translating on the floor: reimagining contemporary Italian texts through the performer’s body. Theatrical translation is an active process that involves its creators in a dynamic and volatile relationship that embodies language and tests interpretation in a three dimensional context.

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