Coaching for actors

Who is it for?

Actors & actresses who want to take their acting to the next level and feel more aligned with themselves.

What format?

5 days to 2 weeks trainings in group* or individual coaching.


Italy, Canada, England. 

Lucid Body Retreat

Sicily, ITALY | June 16-21, 2023 | 6days, 5night

With Fay Simpson, Founder of Lucid Body
Spend 6 days in an authentic Sicilian Casolare, and immerse yourself in this unique Lucid Body retreat, combining the Lucid Body tools of psychophysical work along with holistic healing rituals.

acting coaching


 As an actress,  Margherita Peluso wanted to explore a more holistic approach to acting. In her exploration journey, she discovered the Lucid Body method which combined and focused on the Ayurveda study, and anthropology research, a life-changing experience that she is now using in coaching.

With personalized coaching sessions and a tailored approach to each student, Margherita Peluso is dedicated to helping actors achieve their full potential.

What to expect?

You can work on a piece that you need to prepare and go through a process of self examination using Lucid body techniques and personalized treatments.


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Lucid Body

Lucid Body techniques will help you take your acting to the next level

Lucid Body technique is a physical theater practice that focuses on integrating the mind and body in order to create dynamic and expressive performances. Developed by Fay Simpson, the holistic acting is a way of acting that is a benefit to the mind and body, as opposed to a drain on the physical and mental form. It is based on the idea that self-knowledge is the number one focus to your acting. Lucid Body is a psych-physical process that can offer an actor the building blocks of a new language to further develop a character through diagnosis and full embodiment. A process of self introspection and exploration that will help you change your emotional and physical habits, and expand your acting potential.

One of the key components of the Lucid Body technique is the concept of layers to become lucid & neutral mask. Through a series of exercises, performers learn to cultivate this state of lucidity in order to more fully embody their characters and bring their performances to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some questions you might have regarding the acting coaching sessions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please write to us through the contact form or by email, so we can help you!

Lucid Body was developed for actors because actors must experience the entire range of human experience available in order to hold a truthful mirror up for humanity to further open their craft. This is a wonderful option for actors looking to fully embody their craft. Lucid Body will set you apart as an actor who has a found a way to act while following a unique and holistic approach.

Lucid Body is for the actor who is looking for a different approach to their craft. The actor who is looking for a natural and healing approach to developing their characters. Lucid Body is also a wonderful craft for those looking to better connect with themselves on a physical and mental level. It can be a wonderful practice for those looking to expand their mind and health, not just for actors, but for all looking for a holistic approach to being and living. The foundation of Lucid Body can be practiced by anyone wanting to explore parts of themselves that would otherwise be cloistered away in the backroom of their psyche. It helps with both physical and emotional alignment, as well as creative flow.
What makes Lucid Body so unique is that it is based on the seven chakra energy centers that are used as a tool to differentiate human behavior based on intent. The root will protect you, the heart expresses compassion and joy. While using the Lucid Body approach, it allows those who follow the practice to explore, uncover hidden parts of themselves, dig deeper and fly higher. Following Lucid Body will help actors and all those interested to move into new places that they have yet to explore.
Since Lucid Body was created to help actors experience the full range of human experience, it can provide wonderful mental and physical health benefits. It can help create a clearer psyche and fresher mind experience for overall well-being. By following the Lucid Body principle, it creates a more fluid body experience for everyday experiences. Lucid Body can offer excellent mental and physical benefits to actors and non-actors alike.
Margherita Peluso is an international actress originally from Milan. She currently works and resides between Italy and New York City. She started with Physical Acting at the Jacque Lecoq school, continuing studying acting at the Gloria Gifford Conservatory for Performing Arts in Los Angeles , Michael Howard studio in NYC and she studied with thespians such as Larry Moss, Emma Dante and Eugenio Barba. She currently is a Lucid Body Coach taught directly under Fay Simpson, the creator and founder of Lucid Body. She just finished production for the highly anticipated film “Finding Marta”, a film based on Marta Abba, the muse of Luigi Pirandello.

Lucid Body Coach Margherita Peluso is available to bring the craft of Lucid Body to schools, acting academy’s and universities through workshops, private lessons, and classes. Lucid Body can offer excellent mental and physical benefits to actors and non-actors alike.

Yes, Margherita Peluso can offer individual one-to-one sessions according to your goals & needs. Please contact us to have more information.

Margherita Peluso also organises specific workshops for non actors, please find the information in the workshop page.

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